Letter From The Chair Of The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

2011-10-04 01:00
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

Geoffrey Creighton

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) is the national voice and forum for Canadian in-house counsel. Representing more than 10,800 members and growing steadily, CCCA is dedicated to the advancement of the professional skills and careers of in-house counsel across Canada. If you are an American in-house counsel reading this, you should get to know us. When your enterprise reaches across the border, we can be your partner, and your introduction to your Canadian colleagues.

If you are a Canadian in-house counsel reading this, you are probably already a member of CCCA, and are pleased to see further confirmation of our international profile.

CCCA's structure as a constituent organization within the Canadian Bar Association is a unique strength: in addition to our own services and offerings, we are also able to provide full access to those of the CBA, the national organization of Canadian lawyers.

CCCA members consist of in-house counsel employed in virtually every industry and sector in Canada, public and private businesses; non-profit organizations; federal, provincial and municipal governments; and crown corporations.

We also welcome associate members from law firms whose support and expertise enrich our educational programs and events. This symbiosis with the private bar is also unique among the in-house associations of which I am aware.

CCCA's programs and initiatives - including our Annual Meeting, National Spring Conference and World Summit, as well as standalone events - are delivered through the national office in Toronto and 12 chapters on the ground with volunteers and CBA branch support across the country. This provides cross-country opportunities for our members to learn and network.

Where cross-border issues are of importance to Canadian and American in-house counsel, we have periodically partnered with the American Bar Association. In August 2011, the CBA and ABA signed an agreement to enhance cooperation; in-house counsels are a focus, and we hope to be one of the main beneficiaries of a renewed attention to joint initiatives.

A good example of where in-house interests may converge is advocacy, which is high on the list of CCCA priorities.

CCCA is the only credible, national in-house association speaking for the profession to Canadian governments and regulators - and, where it affects our members, to international regulators. For example, we recently commented, jointly with the CBA, on SEC proposals for Dodd-Frank implementation. Our coordination with the CBA sections allows us input on a wide range of topics - in every area of substantive law - that may affect our members.

What is the key message for readers of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel to take from all this? When (not if) a professional issue with Canadian, or indeed international, dimensions comes to mind, the CCCA is your Canadian resource and ally.

Very truly yours,

Geoffrey Creighton