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Our popular Website, www.metrocorpcounsel.com, has been actively attracting visitors since we introduced the current version in January 2004. Based on current monthly statistics, it is operating at a rate of 113,960 unique visitors and 479,843 page views per year. In January 2007 alone we had 16,306 unique visitors and 55,048 page views.

The importance of the Internet from the standpoint of law firm marketing is immense. A national survey released by Alyn Weiss and Associates in May 2006 found that the Internet is now Number One on the list of effective marketing tactics. The survey found that 82% of the 119 responding law firms had received assignments directly or by referral during the preceding 24 months from their Websites, up from 51% of firms responding in 2004. It is reasonable to infer that its influence on our readers on behalf of legal service providers can be extrapolated and correlated from these same statistics.

Because our Website has archived 1,900 articles following its launch in January 2004, it has become an important reference source for corporate counsel. Recently, a sharply increasing number of visitors have come to our Website from Google and other search engines. Use of the Website is also stimulated by MCC articles which have been published on LexisNexis and Westlaw sites since the 1990s.

To benefit our law firms and legal service providers our IT department is pleased to measure the number of visits and page views to a given law firm’s, legal provider’s or author’s articles if so requested. We are also happy to provide a summary at year end of the number of unique visits paid to a firm’s articles if this would be useful.

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