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The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, a monthly publication, reaches close to 30,000 in-house lawyers in all of the U.S. and serves as a vehicle for bringing vital information to enhance their practices.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) is unique in providing a readily accessible platform, its Website, for selecting outside counsel or legal service suppliers. All articles in MCC are also on its Website and can be linked to each law firm’s Website by author where a reader may find a full description of his expertise, his record in his practice area, articles on his Web site and a description of the law firm or legal service provider he represents. No other publication is so versatile in bringing inside counsel and outside suppliers of legal services together in so many ways. If a reader would like to know about a given author’s background in a specific area of the law, he needs but to click on either MCC’s Website in the space marked search and enter the author’s name or go directly to the firm’s Website and insert the author’s name. A litany of information about an author who may have tried a case along the lines that a reader’s RFP is searching for or a transactional matter that an author has engaged in will appear. The reader does not have to “reinvent the wheel” - there is a lawyer fully prepped who can step right away into a matter.

MCC urges its supporters to “paint a picture in full” of their firm’s efforts on behalf of pro bono, diversity, civil justice reform, compliance readiness guidance for inside counsel as well as global good citizenship by according to its participants free space for recording their community service efforts. The newspaper’s goal is Community Service writ large - a means of profiling the firm that shows its commitment to its clients and to the Rule of Law.
There are many benefits that flow to those firms who choose to participate as Patron Law Firms, Patron Legal Service Providers or Supporting Law Firms. Among them are:

  • Inclusion of each article on MCC’s Website plus links to the firm’s site at no cost:
  • Inclusion on Westlaw and LEXISNEXIS at no cost;
  • Free Special Report articles;
  • Display advertising discount for editorial contributors; free articles for display advertisers;
  • Monthly mention in Partners Notes of honors accorded firms, new partners, etc.;
  • Monthly mention of programs in which firm is involved;
  • Modestly priced reprints and PDFs of articles;
  • Monthly listing on Honor Roll with link to firm’s Website;
  • Promotion of patron-sponsored programs or Special Seminars for patrons or sponsors at certain levels.
If you are interested in learning more about the benefits accorded patron law firms or service providers or if you would like to explore becoming a Supporting Law Firm, contact:

Martha Driver, Publisher
or call (908) 654-4840 x 13

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