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The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) is a monthly professional practice newspaper for more than 35,000 primary readers. The three editions of MCC - Northeast, Southwest and National -- reach corporate counsel in the entire United States -- including the general counsel and corporate law departments of Fortune 1000 companies.

MCC is published as a public service to corporate counsel. It provides a way for law firms and marketers of legal services and products to promote themselves, and show support for corporate counsels’ goals through articles, interviews, news releases, as well as display advertising. In effect, the newspaper is an “association” of law firms and other legal service providers, similar to a “bar association on newsprint,” raising their partnering relationships with their corporate clients to a new level. Because the newspaper is conducted in the spirit of a public service organization, its rates are kept consistently low.

The primary mission of the paper is to enable its supporters to assist their clients and potential clients in reaching goals that can best be achieved by communicating with large numbers of other corporate counsel. Civil justice reform, diversity, pro bono, ADR, global good citizenship, and the international rule of law are examples of areas where developing a large base of support is important. Within its unique and information-intensive editorial pages, MCC is an ideal marketing “showcase” for law firms and legal service providers, focused on in-house counsel.

MCC permits law firms and other service providers to demonstrate their legal or technical skills by writing articles or contributing to interviews which hone the practice skills of inside counsel. It is a superior marketing tool highly focused on a target audience.

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