Global Licensing Clinic: Negotiating IP Provisions in Contracts

Wed, 2013-10-30

Gemma Dreher, assistant GC, Velcro Group Corporation; Rudy Guyon, OEM Alliances atty, McAfee, Inc.; Mollybeth Kocialski, patent counsel, Oracle America, Inc.

2-3:30 pm EDT
members $90, nonmembers $175
1.5 hrs

The interactive program presents two negotiation scenarios. The first will include a negotiation involving a software company and a vendor. The second is similar but includes a product company and a vendor. Each will take the audience through a role-play exercise of negotiation, focusing on the key IP provisions (indemnity, warranty, ownership, choice of law, etc.) of a contract, and will provide valuable insight from both the customer’s and vendor's views.