Advertising Practice Group: Social Media Platforms Rules - A Guide for Advertisers


Frankfurt Kurnit
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Wed, 2013-10-02

Terri Seligman, Frankfurt Kernit

9-10 am
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1 hr

As more and more advertising moves to social media, it's important to understand the different platform rules before embarking on a new campaign. Who owns what's posted. How to interact with your followers. How to disclose endorsements or sponsorships. And who's responsible for user-posted content. The platforms often impose requirements that are different or stricter than those imposed by law.  
The bad news: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social sites all have different rules.   
The good news: Frankfurt Kurnit's social media advertising team is pulling it all together in a one hour presentation offering a rundown of what practitioners need to know, including:  Which rules are common across platforms - and which are different; Ownership of content you post;  Use of content; Asking users to share, like or post; Paid advertising on your brand's social media sites; Advertising across multiple platforms; Interacting with customers on social media sites; Making online disclosures;  and much more.


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