Safe Harbor for Colorado Banks


CLECI Lge Classroom
1900 Grant St
Denver, CO 80203
United States
39° 44' 47.8104" N, 104° 58' 59.6064" W
Wed, 2013-02-20

Thomas H. Keyse and Donald D. Allen, Markus Williams Young & Zimmermann LLC

noon-1 pm
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1 CO hr or (888) 860-25311


Learn about the Colorado Credit Agreement Statute of Frauds. The Colorado Supreme Court recently heard argument regarding the breadth and extent of CCASOF. A decision is expected any day. Be ready for this decision when it is issued. And if CCASOF isn't enough, what about the Banker's Privilege? Bank deliberations can be protected from intrusive and inappropriate discovery. And because it's a privilege, it can be asserted early. Learn why every bank attorney needs to be familiar with the Banker's Privilege in Colorado


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