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Budget constraints make it essential to hire an outside counsel or legal service provider who does not charge you for reinventing the wheel. How can you identify the leading experts in the legal profession who can provide you with the advice that you need without reinventing the wheel?

Here's a hypothetical demonstration of how you can use our site to delve more deeply into a topic and to find the help you need.

JohnDoe Corporation’s board is concerned about the extent to which confidential disclosures, thought to be privileged, made to its general counsel, Sara Abel, are in fact protected. JohnDoe Corporation is under investigation by the Justice Department. The board wishes to know whether the DOJ’s recent McNulty Memo had changed the policies articulated in the Thompson Memo. They asked her to get the views of independent outside counsel on this question. Sara remembered reading an article in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel about the issue. She went to and entered the words ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE THOMPSON MCNULTY in the search box. She found three relevant articles.

She then checked out the lawyers who wrote the law firm articles by clicking on the links to their "Bios" on the "Links" tool bar in the HTML version of their articles at She found that their backgrounds indicated that they had the expertise that she needed. That impression was confirmed when she clicked on the link to the authors’ "Other Articles." By clicking "Other Articles" and "Website" under their firms' names, she found that the lawyers' firms met her law department's diversity and other standards.

Her next step was to send RFPs to each attorney's law firm. The rest is history!

Why pay a lawyer to reinvent the wheel?

Information from can help you to make an informed choice when selecting your outside counsel or legal service provider.

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