Richard E. Donovan


  • The Importance Of Media Relations Strategy In Critical Legal Disputes
    Monday, July 5, 2010
    When Toyota recently announced a series of recalls over problems with its accelerator, the company was hit with more than civil lawsuits - it faced a barrage of media coverage, regulatory examination, public scrutiny, financial analysis, consumer inquiries and governmental hearings.
  • Praising LCJ's Efforts - A Commercial Litigator's Perspective
    Saturday, November 1, 2008
    Editor: On the basis of your long experience as a litigator involved in difficult antitrust and other commercial cases, how important were LCJ's efforts with respect to Federal Rule of Evidence 502, which culminated in its enactment?
  • Thursday, May 1, 2008
    While the Internet allows companies to expand their market base into other countries with minimal effort, they may not realize that their commerce with customers in the United States may subject them to the jurisdiction of the U.S. courts even if they have no other contacts with this country. The law is still developing but the trend is to permit the...
  • Sunday, July 1, 2007
    Having to spend time and money in discovery and additional motion practice on a meritless case because the judge felt bound to allow plaintiff to develop its case in discovery should be much less likely following the Supreme Court's watershed decision in Bell Atlantic Corp. v. Twombly.1 Expressing concern for the plight of corporate defendants faced with...
  • The Obligations Of Inside And Outside Counsel Regarding Electronic Discovery
    Saturday, October 1, 2005
    Somewhat lost in the proliferation of articles regarding the scope, manner, and cost of electronic discovery, several court opinions and rules have focused on the obligations of inside and outside counsel in this phase of litigation.
  • Tuesday, February 1, 2005
    Editor: Why is so much attention being given to the topic of electronic discovery these days?
  • Antitrust Laws Amended
    Sunday, August 1, 2004
    On June 22, 2004 President Bush signed into law the Standards Development Organization Advancement Act of 2004 and the Antitrust Criminal Penalty Enhancement and Reform Act of 2004 (H.R.
  • Explaining The U.S. Commercial Litigation System To Foreign Executives And Lawyers
    Sunday, February 1, 2004
    Dynamics And Stages Of Commercial Litigation In The United States When most people think about a lawsuit in the United States, they think of a process which ends in a resolution through a trial. They have usually acquired this belief by watching American movies or television, which tend to emphasize the drama of a trial. In reality, very few commercial...