Alexander X. Wang


  • Thursday, March 3, 2016
    With the recent global economic slowdown and weakness in the European and Asian equity markets, foreign investors from such countries as China, Russia, Germany and other parts of Europe are increasingly looking to real estate as a safe haven investment. One of the investment choices favored by jittery foreign investors is U.S. residential and commercial...
  • Thursday, September 3, 2015
    The continuing real estate boom has made New York City a magnet for foreign investors. The city’s real estate market has recovered faster than expected from the 2008 financial crisis and is performing better than ever. With high returns available, it’s no surprise that foreign capital is drawn to New York.
  • Wednesday, November 5, 2014
    Immigration policy may be a sore point in Washington, DC, but one immigration program has been a resounding success. The EB-5 visa program, created by the Immigration Act of 1990, provides a fast track to a U.S. green card for foreign investors who promise to create jobs for U.S. workers. The program has the potential to be a win-win – for investors...