Lori Braender


  • Wednesday, March 30, 2016
    Doing deals for companies in heavily regulated industries requires a hearty appetite for due diligence. Lori Braender, a longtime transactional attorney with Day Pitney, discusses M&A in the food and beverage sector, including the specific nuances of due diligence. Her remarks have been edited for length and style.    MCC: Please share...
  • Depth Of Experience And Expertise: Keys To Success For A Life Sciences Practice
    Thursday, March 1, 2007
    Editor: Would each of you tell our readers something about your professional experience?
  • Schering-Plough Legal Adopts Model Convergence Program
    Monday, May 1, 2006
    Editor: Why was the convergence program undertaken?
  • Saturday, October 1, 2005
    On May 10, 2005, the European Parliament voted to approve amendments to the cross-border merger directive proposed by the European Council in November 2004.1 The Tenth Company Law Directive on cross-border mergers (Tenth Directive)2 is aimed at eliminating regulatory barriers to international mergers of companies in the European Union.
  • EU Harmonization - But At What Cost To The Pharmaceutical Industry?
    Friday, October 1, 2004
    May 1, 2004 marked the deadline for implementing new clinical trial rules across the 25 member states of the European Union. As member states begin to introduce legislation and guidelines to comply with the Clinical Trial Directive of the European Commission, concerns over their far reaching impact on clinical research in Europe and the ripple effect in the...