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Thursday, January 1, 2004 - 01:00

Martha Driver
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is beholden to all our readers and contributors and grateful for the support of its many, many friends over the past ten years. The newspaper started life with the support of seven law firms in September 1993. Shortly thereafter, Matthew Bender joined the group as our first legal service provider advertiser. Since its early beginnings, the newspaper has gained acclaim from many constituencies, many of which have provided it with financial support, making it possible to serve over 30,000 readers in 12,000 companies as well as highlight the activities of many bar associations and other organizations devoted to enhancing the practices of corporate counsel.

The newspaper has received countless expressions of support from leaders of corporate counsel organizations, prominent members of the judiciary and representatives of world-renowned law firms. Our congratulations go not to the staff, who are simply the catalysts for assimilating and integrating the very vital information supplied within its pages, but to all who have contributed to making The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel an important adjunct to the required reading of in-house counsel.

As the new year begins, we continue our expansion of the ways we serve you. Our distribution has expanded from the Northeast corridor to all points in the U.S. We hope that you are familiar with our website at There you can find our most recent issues and selections from our special features on Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom and globalization. We also describe our publication and its mission, which is to serve corporate counsel and through that service contribute to a respect for the rule of law on a worldwide basis.

We call your attention, in particular, to our editorial calendar, through which we seek to focus, each month, on issues of special significance to corporate counsel. During the course of the coming year, we will cover a full range of topics, national and international and across a variety of legal disciplines, that are of current concern to corporate counsel and the law firms and legal service providers that serve them.

We look forward to the next ten years when you can expect your newspaper to continue to serve the practice needs of its readership.