BITS, Open Internet, Rule One and More: Stay ahead of the curve with analysis and insights from Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Friday, May 1, 2015 - 13:10

Thank you all for your generous feedback about our new look. We look forward to continuing to serve you with cutting-edge information that will fuel the success of your corporate law departments.

In this issue we take an in-depth look at Bilateral Investment Treaties, or BITS, in “Anticipating Investor-State Disputes.” King & Spalding discusses the ins and outs of investor-state disputes and how you can ensure you are protected before engaging in transactions.

The FCC’s Open Internet Order has received its fair share of mainstream headlines. Look to Kelley Drye’s analysis of the 400-page order for more details about the new rules, enforcement policies and the broader impact of Title II’s reclassification.

Jones Day’s “Stalking Horse Sense” discusses how to gain an advantage in bankruptcy sales by bidding first and reveals the possible risks associated with acquiring assets this way.

Our special section on Transportation features infrastructure, drones, high-tech cars and more. “Driving Miss Connected” talks about the pain points the auto industry is discovering as their customers demand more, faster, better . . . now.

Our In-house Ops section, launched last issue, has something for everyone. Rees Morrison outlines BEST, four key metrics for in-house legal departments to monitor to drive success. Civil Justice Playbook brings IAALS’s (Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System) Rule One Initiative into focus – an initiative designed to make “just, speedy and inexpensive” dispute resolution a reality. Additionally, gain some insights into recent shifts in the cyber-risk landscape as Epiq Systems discusses what motivates a new generation of hackers and how to design an effective breach response plan. 

For readers who are currently conducting business in Germany, or aspire to do so, our regional focus addresses the statutory wage regulations, as well as takes an in-depth look at how to maximize the value of your patents in this region.

Finally, find out what you need to know now that you’ve filed your H-1B applications with Fragomen’s assessment of wage & hour compliance and investigations. 

Looking towards the June issue, keep an eye out for our special section featuring Life Sciences and a regional focus on conducting business in Israel and the Middle East.

Thank you for reading MCC, and never hesitate to reach out to me with your suggestions.


Kristin Calve, Publisher​