Federal Business Litigation Treatise Earns Extraordinary Acclaim

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 13:14

The Third Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts was published recently. Book reviews of the Third Edition have been published in legal newspapers, bar journals, and other publications throughout the United States. The critical acclaim has been extraordinary.

This 11-volume, 12,742-page treatise, a joint project of Thomson Reuters and the American Bar Association Section of Litigation, contains the work of 251 principal authors, numbering among them many of the best commercial litigators and judges in the United States. Robert L. Haig of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP serves as the editor-in-chief. The treatise has been widely recognized as a unique and invaluable resource and has become the definitive reference work in this area of law. The Third Edition is a step-by-step practice guide that covers every aspect of a commercial case in federal courts, from the investigation and assessment that take place at the inception through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal, and enforcement of judgment. Great emphasis is placed on strategic considerations specific to commercial cases. The treatise also contains 63 substantive law chapters that cover the subjects most commonly encountered in commercial cases. In addition, there are hundreds of pages of essential litigation forms and jury charges in print and on a CD-ROM that comes with the set.

The book review of the Third Edition in the September 2013 issue of the Kentucky Bar Association’s Bench & Bar magazine concludes by stating, “Every case should start with a look at this treatise. Every research project should include references to this legal work of art. It will save time and money and will help locate the answers needed in a cost-effective and concise manner. If there is only one book on your desk regarding commercial litigation, it must be Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Third Edition.”

The book review in the August 17, 2013 issue of The Oklahoma Bar Journal states that the Third Edition “is astounding — this is the federal commercial litigator’s bible.” The review concludes by stating: “At the end of the day, Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts represents a herculean undertaking and accomplishment, with nuanced and informed contributions from 251 accomplished authors from the bench, bar and academe. It is a ‘must have’ resource for any firm and/or attorney specializing in federal court commercial and business litigation. This compilation is a revelation in its field, representing a rarity in the law: a comprehensive treatment of a daunting topic that is readable, accessible and, most of all, useful.”

The book review in the Summer 2013 issue of Precedent, the quarterly magazine of the Missouri Bar, begins by stating: “For many years, Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts has been the definitive treatise in litigating in federal courts. It has now been released in its Third Edition and, like its predecessors, it is a step-by-step guide to virtually every aspect of a commercial case, placing substantial emphasis on strategic considerations as well as to the most commonly encountered areas of substantive law….” The review concludes: “It is hard to imagine a single more useful reference source for anyone engaged in commercial litigation in the federal courts.”

The review in the June 21, 2013 issue of The Legal Intelligencer in Philadelphia, “the oldest daily legal newspaper in the U.S.” begins by stating that the Third Edition “is a go-to resource that contains an up-to-date compendium of both substantive and procedural law, as well as practical insights, tips and strategies that neither electronic research nor other federal court treatises can provide.” The review also states: “What sets this user-friendly treatise apart from treatises such as Moore’s or Wright & Miller are practical strategies and client counseling techniques, and hundreds of pages of in-depth checklists and essential litigation forms.” The review concludes: “There is simply no other resource that can match Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts. The wealth of information provided in the treatise is easily accessible and useful for commercial litigators in law firms of any size or in-house corporate legal departments. The depth and breadth of this treatise, along with its one-of-a-kind combination of practical checklists and forms, useful advice and thorough analysis of a wide range of federal court procedural issues and myriad areas of substantive law, ensure that this new edition, like its predecessors, will find a widespread audience.”

The review in the April-May 2013 issue of NWLawyer, the “official publication of the Washington State Bar Association”, states: “What really makes the treatise unique, however, is its consistent, deliberate focus on teaching the things one cannot get from the statutes, rule books, and the case law alone. In every chapter, on every topic, the focus transcends a mere recitation of the law, and teaches the how, the why, and the strategic considerations an expert practitioner would counsel you to consider.”

More information about the Third Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts is available by calling Thomson Reuters at 1-800-344-5009 or online at www.west.thomson.com.