Book Review: Federal Litigation Treatise Earns Extraordinary Critical Acclaim

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 16:38

The Third Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts was published recently. Book reviews of the Third Edition have been published in legal newspapers, bar journals, and other publications throughout the United States.  The critical acclaim has been extraordinary. 

This 11-volume, 12,742-page treatise, a joint project of Thomson Reuters and the American Bar Association Section of Litigation, contains the work of 251 principal authors, numbering among them many of the best commercial litigators and judges in the United States. Robert L. Haig of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP serves as the Editor-in-Chief.  The treatise has been widely recognized as a unique and invaluable resource and has become the definitive reference work in this area of law.  The Third Edition is a step-by-step practice guide that covers every aspect of a commercial case in federal courts, from the investigation and assessment that take place at the inception through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal and enforcement of judgment.  Great emphasis is placed on strategic considerations specific to commercial cases. The treatise also contains 63 substantive law chapters that cover the subjects most commonly encountered in commercial cases. In addition, there are hundreds of pages of essential litigation forms and jury charges in print and on a CD-ROM that comes with the set.

The book review of the Third Edition in the New York Law Journal concludes, “There is nothing like it. It is the single most useful tool for the federal litigator in existence, except possibly the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.” The author of that review also states that “I have tried hard to think of a relevant subject matter that is not covered in this treatise but I cannot come up with one.” 

The book review in the Michigan Bar Journal concludes that the Third Edition “is unique. Although there are other treatises on federal practice and procedure, none of the familiar publications is as comprehensive or as useable.  It has been prepared by practitioners for practitioners and focuses on the legal and business issues commercial litigators routinely encounter.” That review also comments that “The most unique and valuable aspect of this treatise is the extensive discussion of strategy and analysis provided within each chapter by experienced practitioners.”

The book review in The Colorado Lawyer concludes that “This treatise is a tremendously helpful reference tool” and that “this treatise is exhaustive and impressive.”  Similarly, the review in The Alaska Bar Rag states that “This is an authoritative, useful guide.  It delivers what it promises at a fair price.  If you have a federal practice you should consider this resource for your office or library.”

The review of the Third Edition in The Federal Lawyer concludes that “Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts belongs in the library of every lawyer and law firm that engages in a significant amount of commercial litigation in the United States.”  That review also notes that the Third Edition “not only contains the law but the wisdom and advice of its 251 principal authors, among whom are 22 judges and a cross-section of the best commercial litigators in the United States.  Every business litigator, no matter how seasoned, will benefit from consulting this work not only for the technical information that it provides but also for its advice on the intangible aspects of litigation such as client relations, professional obligations, and effective relationships with colleagues and judges.”

The review in the New York State Bar Association Journal concludes that “any commercial attorney looking for guidance in an unfamiliar area will find this book to be an incredibly useful resource.”  That review also comments that “Although the treatise covers most every topic that a commercial litigator will face, its most impressive feature is not its breadth; rather, the most impressive feature is the depth of expertise of the contributing authors.”

The critical acclaim for the Third Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts has not been limited to the state and national publications mentioned above. For example, in New York State, the book review in the New York County Lawyer concludes that the Third Edition “is impressive not only for its comprehensiveness, but also for its depth of content and analysis.”  Similarly, the review in The Nassau Lawyer concludes that the Third Edition “would be an invaluable resource for any attorney engaged in civil litigation in the federal courts.” The review in the Monroe County Bar Association eDocket states that “This epic treatise is a must-have for the federal practitioner” and concludes:  “In short, any commercial litigation practitioner would benefit from this monumental work, and would be wise to consult it regularly.” Finally, the review in the New York State Bar Association Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Newsletter concludes that “Anyone practicing commercial litigation in the federal courts without ready access to this treatise does so at his or her peril. It is that good.”

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