Critical Acclaim For Commercial Litigation Treatise

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 16:41

The Third Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts was published recently.  Book reviews of the Third Edition have been published in legal newspapers, bar journals, and other publications throughout the State of New York. The critical acclaim has been extraordinary. 

This six volume, 7,769 page treatise, a joint venture of Thomson Reuters and the New York County Lawyers' Association, contains the work of 144 principal authors, numbering among them many of the best commercial litigators and judges in New York. Robert L. Haig of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP serves as the Editor-in-Chief. The treatise has been widely recognized as a unique and invaluable resource and has become the definitive reference work in this area of law.  The Third Edition is a step-by-step practice guide that covers every aspect of a commercial case in New York State courts, from the investigation and assessment that take place at the inception through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, appeal, and enforcement of judgment. Great emphasis is placed on strategic considerations specific to commercial cases. The treatise also contains 38 substantive law chapters that cover the subjects most commonly encountered in commercial cases. In addition, there are hundreds of pages of essential litigation forms and jury charges in print and on a CD-ROM that come with the set.

The book review of the Third Edition in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel concluded: “In sum, practitioners in both law firms and corporate law departments will find the updated treatise’s extensive treatment of both procedural and substantive issues to be an invaluable resource that will guide them through the intricacies of commercial litigation in New York.” The review in Inside, the Newsletter of the Corporate Counsel Section of the New York State Bar Association, stated: “This treatise is a goldmine in its treatment of many substantive areas of interest to corporate counsel. While the emphasis is on litigating various subject matters, each chapter includes a comprehensive overview of the substance under discussion. Intellectual Property, Defamation, White Collar Crime, Information Technology, Real Estate, Construction, and many other commercial areas are exhaustively discussed, making this work a one-shelf ‘go to’ legal library.”

The review of the Third Edition in the New York Law Journal concluded that “[t]his treatise is an extraordinarily useful reference for practitioners in both upstate and downstate practices, no matter the size of the firm, and no matter the simplicity or complexity of the lawsuit.  Written largely by practitioners from large firms, it contains sophisticated advice that will be helpful to even experienced advocates …. It is permeated with invaluable strategies and tactics.” Similarly, the review in the New York State Bar Association Journal stated that the Third Edition “offers the reader the latest insights and aids from our most seasoned practitioners in the area” and commended “the first-rate authors’ extraordinary product.” Another review in the New York State Bar Association Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Newsletter described the authors as “distinguished jurists and a broad array of talented and experienced attorneys that reads like a Who’s Who of commercial litigators in New York State.” 

The book review in the Nassau Lawyer concluded that Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, as updated and expanded in its third edition, continues to be an indispensable resource for anyone who litigates commercial cases in New York State courts.” Similarly, the review of the Third Edition in the Buffalo Law Journal described it as “the ‘go-to’ resource for attorneys practicing in the commercial litigation arena in New York” and the review in the Eric County Bar Association Bulletin concluded by stating that “this treatise is a ‘must have’ reference work for both experienced and new commercial litigators.” 

The review in The Daily Record in western New York observed that “[t]he new and updated chapters comprehensively address the many changes in New York procedural and substantive law in the past five years, since the previous edition was published.” Similarly, the review in The Queens Bar Bulletin noted that “[t]his treatise is remarkably up-to-date.”

The review in the New York County Lawyer Newsletter described the Third Edition as “an exhaustive practical, yet scholarly and authoritative, guide to this subject” and observed that “[i]t is hard to conceive of a subject related to commercial litigation that has been overlooked in this edition.” That review concluded: “It is hard to imagine anyone involved in commercial litigation in New York who will not benefit immensely from this edition, which represents the efforts of 144 principal authors, seasoned commercial litigators and 20 distinguished state and federal judges.” Finally, the review in the Albany County Bar Association Newsletter stated: “A legal treatise is worth the cost of acquisition if it will help you work faster or find answers that might otherwise evade you. The third edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts does both and is highly recommended if you do any volume of commercial litigation work.” 

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