Fios To Address E-Discovery Issues In New York City Seminar

Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 01:00

Fios, Inc., a leading provider of electronic discovery readiness and response services, will be hosting a series of "lunch & learns" and breakfast meetings at LegalTech New York 2008 as part of its "Meet the Author" program.

The sessions, taking place on February 5-8 at Fios' suite in the Warwick Hotel (65 W 54th St.), will address significant issues impacting corporate legal departments and supporting outside counsel, including effectively preparing for FRCP 26(f) discovery conferences; how to create and use ESI Content Maps; managing the intersection of law and technology; and how emerging cases, such as Qualcomm v. Broadcom, are impacting practices around e-discovery.

The interactive discussions and practical guidance delivered in the sessions will provide attendees with a better understanding of how to reduce the costs, risks and time associated with e-discovery response and what steps should be taken now to become "litigation ready." These issues will be addressed by Fios' technology counsel, Mary Mack, and members from Fios' Discovery Management Services consulting group, including Sam Panarella, Esq.; Allen Gurney, PMP; and Prashant Dubey, vice president.

For more information on the Fios' sessions being held at LegalTech New York 2008, contact Liz Cooley at (503) 265-0780 or email her at